What are the advantages of buying used?

The advantages of buying a used car.

Used vehicles present a number of advantages over buying new. The best way to look at it is that used vehicles have better features for the price! Think about it—a new vehicle may not have leather seats or a bigger engine. For that same price, you could get a used vehicle with those higher-level features.

How can I know true condition of a used vehicle?

There are a number of different ways that you can feel good about the condition of a used vehicle. Don’t afraid give it a good visual inspection. You can also take it for a test drive. Be sure and ask about its vehicle history report too!

Why are used vehicles considered more reliable than new vehicles?

While this isn’t always true, some people feel like they can be more confident in a used vehicle for several reasons. First of all, the particular make and model has a track record. You can be sure it’s design is solid because, unlike a new vehicle, it has a history. There’s also the notion that if a vehicle is poorly made, it will have serious problems early. If the used vehicle you are interested in has a clean record, you can be more certain that it isn’t a “bad egg.”

Why do used vehicles have greater resale value?

It has everything to do with the way that vehicles depreciate. In the first few years, the value of a vehicle declines dramatically. A vehicle is usually rated at about half its value after three years when depreciation levels off. Used vehicles are over that hump.

Is financing different for a used vehicle?

Not at all. In fact, buying used helps you avoid being upside down in your car loan. That’s a situation where you owe more than the vehicle is worth due to the way that vehicles depreciate.